We work with artisans and young designers in Ukraine to make traditional linen embroidered clothes more modern and wearable. Every piece is handmade in limited quantities and all the fabric is produced using traditional methods. In Ukraine, for women who do not get educational opportunities, embroidery is often the only way to make a living - so we are proud to support them.  We combine our rich culture with high quality craftsmanship to offer you these bohemian chic pieces. Every embroidered ornament is believed to bring protection and  harmony to its owners.


My name is Nadia Bremner and I am global nomad with Ukrainian roots and love to slow fashion and embroidery traditions. My cupboard is full with clothes, that my mother hand embroidered for me through all these years. Having traveled the world, I have found my strength and inspirations in my native Ukraine. I love supporting artisan women, for whom embroidery is often the only way to make living. And I am proud to share our heritage and rich traditions through true slow fashion designs.

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